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The cocktails at Menaka draw from local and unique Cambodian flavors and products, as well as international, premium spirits. We strive to offer an exceptional and flavorful cocktails experience, created by Annemarie Sagoi and Mike Birkenheier, some of America's finest mixologists recently based in Siem Reap, originally from Chicago. A wide array of fine spirits, housemade tinctures, and infusions, curated by Annemarie and Mike and our well-educated staff. The cocktails list is separated into three eras of Khmer History, which represent distinct flavors: Angkor Era, Sangkum Era, and the Great Era.


Angkor Era

The Angkor era is considered the golden age of the Khmer empire, which was characterized by awe-inspiring monuments and rich culture. We are celebrating the knowledge, wisdom, and flavors of the ancient Khmer empire.

The Sangkum Era

The Sangkum era is defined as the era of joy, artistic expression, and rock & roll. The sangkum (community) was characterized by the happiness of its population were evident and these are the flavors that best reflect the sense of community that were prevalent during this harmonious period.

The Great Era

The 21st century has seen the rebirth of Cambodia. The country is growing very quickly, and globalization has brought new ways of living to the Cambodian people. To celebrate this great era, we are pleased to offer you refreshing global favorites with local influences.